Product sourcing
Done right

Ariadne Pure Products is your trusted go-to partner in sourcing quality products from reputable producers and suppliers. Our role is to streamline the ordering process by acting as a buffer between the end customer and the source. We are aware that communicating with suppliers in Greece can be cumbersome, time-consuming and even troubling at times. Our role is not simply relaying your order to the supplier. Our mission is to make sure that once you have reached a decision regarding ordering a product, your worries stop there. We handle all the process of communicating with the relevant producer, negotiating the price, arranging for shipping, storing the goods in our dedicated 3PL warehouse in Germany and the UK and finally delivering the goods to your premises.

Product Range

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We specialize in sourcing long shelf life edible products from medium-sized producers. Our product range includes:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Table Olives
Pickled Vegetables
Roasted Peppers
Dried Mushrooms
Dried Figs
Herbs and Spices

Warehouse Locations

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In order to optimize delivery times to our customers in Western Europe, we store many of our products in fulfilment centers outside of Greece, so that we can fill customers' orders on extremely short notice. We currently utilize warehousing facilities in:

Rhineland-Palatinate, GERMANY
West Midlands, UK

Trading Solutions

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While we are a trading company at heart, we often act as an intermediatery between potential buyers and suppliers, helping both sides bridge gaps in communication and understanding, thus enabling them both to punch above their weight in today's everchanging commercial landscape.

We also act as scouters for potential buyers, sourcing new suppliers/producers as well as products that meet our clients' demands and requirements.